Customer Services

Our licensed opticians and contact lens fitters are always happy to assist you with choosing the proper frames and lenses for your prescription.
We have a large variety sunglasses and eyeglasses brands. (See Products)
We offer free adjustments and minor repairs*
We welcome most vision benefit plans and government claims.
We offer gift certificates any time of the year.

* subject to conditions

Lab Services

One-Hour Service
Our labs at both locations are equipped with the most advanced cutting edge technology and vast variety of prescription lenses. Most single vision prescriptions can be done with in an hour.

However, site progressive, computer (office), and strong prescriptions lenses may require special treatments from outside laboratories thus they will take longer. Please do ask our opticians about the time that will take for each prescription frames.

Professional Service

We have the latest cutting-edge technologies and well-prepared technicians serving our customers. Our experienced lab technicians have more than 20 years of practice within the field; and they are constantly updating their know-how-to. Our technicians and German high-tech 3D computerized auto edging machines ensure that our customers will always receive the best services possible.

In addition, we carry a great variety of popular brand names lenses such as: Zeiss, Essilor, Nikon, Hoya, and Transition.

Other Services
We also provide a wide range of extra services such as:
– Tinted faded, solid and mirror coloured prescription and non prescription lenses
– Sport wrap-around free distortion prescription sunglasses
– Prescription swimming and ski goggles

We provide disposable prescription contact lenses.