How to Keep Glasses from Getting Foggy

Winter is here, which means colder temperatures around Canada. Winter also means foggy glasses for those who wear glasses; to solve this problem we are giving you these 3 tips.


1. Get some anti-fog coating.

An anti-fog coating prevents the water and mist from sticking in your lenses. These layers (usually applied to both sides of the lens) creates a surface that blocks out moisture and prevent fogging. Though it is an extra cost on the lenses it might benefit patients that are constantly moving from an environment that is cold into one which is warm and humid; for instance, sales, engineers, etc.  This extra cost turns into an investment  in the long run.

Ask our Richmond Opticians for further details about the benefits of anti-fog coating


2. Use Anti-fogging wipes, spray or cream

This is a temporary solution to lens fogging; this alternative solution come in the form of gel, spry or wipes. All these products are specially designed to prevent condensation and moisture from building up on the lenses surface.

If you opt for this option, we suggest to follow the steps directed in the packaging as to prevent scratches in the lenses.

Though our stores, Robson Skylight Optical and Richmond Skylight Optical, do carry anti-fog wipes and sprays, we must let our patients know that though it might be a cheaper solution in the short run it may be expensive in the future as you might need to re-apply the spray or cream and replace the wipes.


3. Choose the right type of eyeglasses.

Some type of eyeglasses allow for adjustment while some do not; adjusting your glasses further away from your face might be prevent your lenses from fogging. Eyeglasses that are positioned close to the face or eyes increases the buildup of fog on your lenses. Wire eyeglasses allow for adjustment, by placing these eye-wear further down the nose, it will stimulate proper air circulation, thereby reducing fog accumulation.

Ask our opticians for the eyeglasses that are perfect for your needs.



4. Swap Glasses for Contact Lenses
If you are really bother by lenses fogging and contact lenses are an option. Consider using contact lenses on those cold winter days.