2021 Eyeglasses – Get The Right Lenses For Your Day-to-Day

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Eyeglasses for 2021

With recent events, many of us are now working from home, studying from home, and even socializing from home: we are spending a lot of time in front of screens. We are now looking at our phones, TVs, computers, and tablets even more than ever. This increase in screen time has affected our vision and it can eventually affect our health. To help you, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you and your vision.

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Think of getting some computer glasses.

Although eye strain and blurred vision when working at the computer can be a sign that you need reading glasses, regular readers may not be sufficient. The conditions are different and each type of glasses offers different benefits. Readers usually help people who have trouble clearly seeing small print and other close-up tasks. While computer glasses are specifically designed to combat eye strain when sitting at the computer. Some people need both types of readers, while others find that they only need a bit of extra help while at the computer. Please visit our specialists to find the right option for you.


Think of getting Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses or Blue-Light-Blocking Coating.

While blue light from screens is not as harmful as UV light from the sun, many people are turning towards blue light blocking glasses to take preventative measures against its negative effects. One of the main reasons to get this type of glasses and/or coating is to maintain our personal circadian rhythm. For more information visit our optical stores to see if you need them



Think of getting Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Today, several lens manufacturers have a version of anti-fatigue lenses out on their product line, and the purpose of these lenses is to “relax” the focusing system with the constant near work. Patients who experience eye strain and visual fatigue with reading, computer work, and other near tasks usually find these lenses to be useful.